Yoga is for everyone. It makes you flexible and relaxed and helps you to live in the present moment.

Every little bit of yoga helps you to feel better in your own body. That is why I offer yoga classes which are accessible for every level.

Yoga without impossible twists, new age or expensive subscriptions. Simply for in the evening or to wake up nicely in the morning. In the heart of Leiden.

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Please note: as from September 2019 Yoga per Tutti is leaving Leiden.

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Photo made by Alisha Meeder

Photo made by Alisha Meeder

Photo made by Alisha Meeder

Ciao tutti!

I am Marijke, a student of Ancient History in Leiden. I have grown up in the south of the country (in Brabant) but I have soon fallen in love with the beautiful canals, hofjes and traditions of Leiden. Besides my passion for yoga I am a big fan of the Italian language and culture.

My first introduction to yoga was twenty years ago in the bedroom of my parents. While my mother tried to do a sun salutation, my sister and I seized the opportunity to go horse riding on her back. Instead of a bedtime story she taught us a nice and calming relaxation exercise.

At the beginning of my studies in 2011 I started to do yoga myself. Every morning and evening I followed a yoga video from YouTube, each day something different. It made me relaxed and flexible and to my own surprise I even got stronger muscles. Soon I could not live without it anymore.

In the summer of 2016 I decided to combine my two passions and left for Rome to do an intensive course for yoga teachers. Now I am officially a yoga instructor and alternate my studies with teaching from my yoga mat.

Diploma Yoga Alliance International (click for the full image)

time schedule

The yoga season is over… check out the subscription form for my summer events.

Yoga classes in Italian on demand (from 4 participants). Send an email to


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Please notice: you can sign up or cancel your application until 2 hours before the beginning of the yoga class. If you cancel after this moment I have to charge you anyhow for the costs of the class.

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The classes cost € 7,50 at a time.

before you start



Every yoga class costs € 7,50 at a time. Please let me know in the subscription form whether you will bring the money in cash to the class or if you prefer paying via bank transfer.


what to bring

Wear comfortable clothes that are suitable for sporting and stretching. You do not need sporting shoes: we practice yoga barefooted.  The sports hall can be quite cold, so feel free to bring a warm jacket or a blanket for the relaxation exercise.

Don't forget to bring your own yoga mat. You do not have one yet? Don't worry, for € 1 you can borrow one of mine.



You do not have to be a contortionist to do yoga. My classes are meant for every level; you can join without yoga experience or extreme flexibility. Make sure not to eat very heavily beforehand: doing yoga on a full stomach is not very pleasant.


The yoga classes are given in the gymnastics hall of the elementary school "Lucas van Leyden" (Sint Ursulasteeg 28). You can ring the bell at the blue door in the "Caeciliastraat", then I will come to open the door for you. It may take a while before I am there to open it, because the gymnastics hall is at the first floor of the building.

There are also changing rooms. The doors are open as from 15 minutes before the beginning of each class.